#RNBUNTAPPED: Bahja Rodriguez

Sweet melodies, soft backgrounds and powerful leads would be the only way to describe the unique but soulful sound of R&B singer Bahja Rodriguez. Bahja is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Atlanta Georgia. From an early age Bahja has always enjoyed singing and had a passion for music.

Bahja’s professional career began at the age of 12 years old as “Miss Beauty” with the popular and colorful girl group the “OMG Girlz.” The group is most known for their songs “Gucci This(Gucci That),” “Where The Boys At,” “Baddie” and “Boy It’s Over.” The group performed on several major tours and had much success however, in March 2015 the group disbanded.

Not letting the group’s abrupt ending stop her from pursuing her dreams, Bahja sought out the perfect creative team to help develop and bring her vision as a solo artist to life. In April 2015, Bahja released her first song as a solo artist titled “Jealous Type” which has gained over one million sound cloud plays to date. She went on to release two more songs with videos “Lipstick” and “Next One” each currently having more than 400,000 plays on sound cloud and more than 1 Million views on Vevo.

On November 20, 2015, her highly anticipated EP “It Gets Better” was digitally released. Within a few hours “It Gets Better” had reached #12 on the iTunes R&B chart peaking at #6. With such an overwhelming and amazing response to her music, Bahja Rodriguez definitely seems to be Atlanta’s “next big thing” and just what the music industry is missing.

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